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Your privacy is our priority.
Maximum Security

Use the app with a Unique Address.
No registration of personal data. 


With Whisper, every message sent will auto destruct upon confirmation of receipt.


Whisper is powered by the blockchain engine, Equilibirum (EQBR H)™.

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Why Whisper?

Whisper is a completely secure blockchain technology based encrypted messenger service.

There is currently no other messenger service that can fully provide confidential, hacking-free conversations.


When you register on Whisper, all you need is a 4-digit code. No personal identification is collected. Based on Decentralized Identifier (DID), Whisper provides a unique address per person per every registration. 


Ever heard of self-destructing messages? Once you receive a message, either choose to reply or exit. Either way, it will cause the message to burn or self-destruct real-time with the application of dynamic blockchain technology for this unique P2P Direct Message with no record of message transmission.


By using end-to-end encryption and asymmetrical cryptography, your messages are guaranteed 100% security. Based on elliptic curve algorithm, the hacking is not possible due to an asymmetrical cryptographic key. 

Selective Contacts

Based on External Owned Accounts (EOA) technology, Whisper provides a unique private key (your own unique code) per user. This key generates your own unique code so no personally identifiable information (email, address, phone number, name, social security number) is collected nor stored. 


Blockchain Technology Behind Whisper

How is Whisper made possible? 

It's powered by a blockchain engine technology called Equilibrium (EQBR). This dynamic blockchain technology provides Whisper with not only end-to-end encryption but also asymmetrical cryptography key where your messages are guaranteed 100% security based on elliptic curve algorithm. Your messages are guaranteed 100% security. 

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Blockchain Industry News
Blockchain Industry News

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"Under its global slogan, your privacy is our priority, Whisper is the most secure communication service developed so far in the market"

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