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Whisper, World’s First Messenger App Based on Blockchain Launches Officially with Singapore as HQ

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

(Published by Block Media on November 18th, 2020)

Whisper is the world’s first messenger app to successfully apply blockchain technology into a consumer-focused product. Under its global slogan Your privacy is our priority, Whisper is the most secure communication service developed so far, and to be further equipped with subsequent digital wallet, deFi, dEX applications. This November 2020, Whisper launched officially in Singapore, an international hub of the blockchain industry.

Why Whisper?

Whisper provides four distinct features that are differentiated from other messenger apps. Anonymity is ensured when you first register on Whisper. No personally identifiable information is collected. You only sign up with a private key which generates your own unique address. Adding new contacts is also based on selectivity and by adding in the other person’s own unique address or unique QR code. Thirdly, blockchain technology used to develop Whisper guarantees hacking-free capabilities and your sharing of important information like passwords will not be traceable even within or outside Whisper. Whisper’s last distinct feature is highlighted by its self-destruct feature. The burning motion graphics appear as the message disappears within the app.

Rising Above the Social Dilemma with 100% Guaranteed Personal Data Protection and Message Security

As the dot-com era gave birth to prominent social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and messenger apps like Whatsapp and Telegram, these companies have faced a fair share of controversies when it comes to privacy protection. Dating back to scandals involving Facebook users’ data being misused by Cambridge Analytica.

Highly rated Netflix documentary film The Social Dilemma touches on social networking and the dangerous effects of having these companies in power gather information about their users and misuse them.

Protection of privacy is the core of Whisper’s development. Every message sent or received on Whisper is auto-destructed. With no basis on server compared to all the dominant messenger apps in the market, Whisper is not prone at all to hacking possibilities. No personal information is gathered from the beginning to ensure maximum security. Blockchain technology allows for maximum security which hasn’t been able to be achieved by other messenger apps.

Experience the Whisper

**Click the link above to see the services and content Whisper provides, including brief demonstration video.

Blockchain Technology Behind Whisper

Whisper is powered by a patented blockchain technology, Equilibrium. With blockchain at the core of Whisper, it is able to achieve what other messenger apps have yet to achieve in personal data protection and message security. At the core of Equilibirum’s disruptive technology is the replacement (or obliteration) of trusted 3rd party intermediaries, allowing its users full autonomy, data protection, and personal ID security.

Whisper Messenger’s security level is by far the most complete.

Typical commercial messenger services with many users have been reinforcing security with end-to-end encryption technology for the past few years, but there is an inherent limitation of the client-server structure (Single Attack Point). Due to this system structure, it was not possible to properly provide necessary services to users who request a high level of protection of their personal data. After confirming the market conditions and consumer needs, Whisper was able to be developed to be equipped with the highest level of security with an asymmetric key encryption technology based on the elliptic curve algorithm.

P2P Direct Message delivery is possible with P2P-based blockchain application technology, not server-client method. In addition, there is no basis of server to register and store users’ personal data within Whisper. It registers and stores (Decentralize Identifier) only at the user terminal.

Equilibrium is invented after years of research by Whisper’s parent holding. It is the first main network solution that brings forward technical breakthroughs for speed, storage capacity, and stability for the entire Blockchain industry, and its fast-growing worldwide commercial applications. These uphold Equilibrium as a blockchain technology with the most competitive edge in the industry thus far.

Future of Whisper: Safest Digital Wallet Using Blockchain

EQBR W officially shares exciting plans for the upcoming year for Whisper and further advanced integration of the blockchain technology, Equilibrium “Whisper is not only fronting the smoothest application of blockchain technology into our daily lives to better safety and security of our privacy and data but also extending this to becoming a first-ever digital wallet using fastest and most secured blockchain technology, Equilibrium.”

Equilibrium will rapidly take up a pioneering position in critical areas of blockchain engine, crypto currencies, and dEX. Simply put, from potentially becoming a credible alternative to Telegram or challenging Bitcoin and Ethereum, to replacing SWIFT codes in the banking sector, to disrupting remittance giant Western Union or fast-growing MoneyGram, to competing with centralized exchanges and providing numerous security solutions to corporates, government agencies and financial institutions, EQBR W’s Whisper technology is best positioned to lead next generation technical innovation and commercial market share.

Written by Young Hwang

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